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This website was created to preserve and share the history and genealogy of the Pleak Family and associated families.


If you have family stories, memories, family recipes or anything you would like to share or interact with others please visit the Forums tab.


If you have any updates for our family tree select the update option under the family tree menu to submit any updates you may have.



Name  Variations 

When John Pleak's father came to America in 1749 the family name was Blickensdörfer; between then and today our family name has had many variations.

The following is a list of know variations found in records: Plickenstalver, Plick, Pleakenstalver, Pleakanstalver, Pleak Stalver, Pleak and Stalver, Plackaustalner, Pleickensdoerffer, Pleckenstophen, Pleckenstepher, Plickenstarvor, Pleckenstaker, Pleck and Stalver, Pleekenstopher, Plickinstorffer, Pleake, Pleak, Plake.


Today family members go by Pleak, Pleake, and Plake.  



Surname  List 




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